How to Receive Electricity Bill Information on Mobile Phone (UPPCL)

UPPCL in order to give more flexibility to the customers in terms of getting information and or registering a complain regarding specific issues, have started new service through SMS. Under this service, user will be able to get bill related information, report theft, no electricity supply, transformer damage, no meter reading, meter defected and wrong bill through SMS only.

The SMS number is 5616195 and to make use of it, you have to first needs to register your mobile number by calling on these numbers:

1800-180-5025 for Madhyanchal

1800-180-3023 for Paschimanchal

1800-180-3002 for Dakshinanchal

1800-180-0440 for Purvanchal

  1. Bill Related Information
    If you want to get information related to your electricity bill and want that info on your mobile phone through SMS, then go to new message of your mobile phone and type: 
    BILL<Account Id> and send it to 5616195
  2. Reporting Theft
    If you see that someone is stealing electricity, without talking to that person, you straight away take your mobile phone and go to compose new message and type this:
    PuVVNL/ MVVNL/ PVVNL/ DVVNL (Any of these as per your area) Powertheft
    And send it to 5616195
  3. No Electricity Supply
    If you are experiencing no supply of electricity at your home, then in order to quickly rectify the problem, you need to type this SMS:
    send it to 5616195
  4. Transformer Damage
    If voltage transformer in your area is damaged, to quickly tell the authorities regarding the problem, you need to send this information in through your mobile phone.
    PuVVNL/ MVVNL/ PVVNL/ DVVNL (Any of these as per your region) TFBD, send it to 5616195.
  5. No Meter Reading
    If you see that electricity meter at your home or shop or factory is having no reading or has stopped working, you need to send this information by SMS:
    PuVVNL/ MVVNL/ PVVNL/ DVVNL NoReading Send it to 5616195.
  6. Meter Defected
    If you are experiencing some sort of problems with your meter or the meter is behaving unsatisfactorily, you can send this information by SMS to get it rectified as soon as possible. 
    PuVVNL/ MVVNL/ PVVNL/ DVVNL Meterdefect Send it to 5616195
  7. Wrong Bill
    The bill sent to you is wrong or has some sort of problem in it and want to notify authorities about it, you need to send these details through SMS: 
    PuVVNL/ MVVNL/ PVVNL/ DVVNL Wrongbill Send it to 5616195

PuVVNL stands for Purvanchal
MVVNL  for Madhyanchal
PVVNL for  Paschimanchal and 
DVVNL for Dakshinanchal.

So these are SMS information that can be used by your to get fat reply and sort out your problem easily.

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