UPPCL Bill Calculator: How to Calculate Electricity Consumption?

Are you worried about your electricity bill then use this consumption calculator to control your electricity usage which will help you save electricity and hence less electricity bill. UPPCL has a very useful feature of consumption calculator on their website. This post explains in detail about how to use consumption calculator of U.P electricity.

How to Calculate Electricity Consumption Using UPPCL Bill Calculator

Click on this link to visit the official uppcl bill calculator page www.uppclonline.com. Then, on this page you can select the appropriate appliances present in your home. Thereafter, you will have to enter the details like appliances, watt, number of equipments, hours use/day and days use/month.

uppcl consumption calculator

Once you have added all the appliances it will show​ total load and total consumption in KWH. You can calculate the bill by multiplying units consumed by price per unit.

This is a very good uppcl consumption calculator tool to know your approximate usage of electricity as it is official developed by Uttar Pradesh government officials.

Also, you can check your old UPPCL electricity bill online and there in detail you can see how many units, you have consumed and depending on unit consumption, the charges will be mentioned clearly.

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