Baba Ramdev Jayanti

Religion: Hindu
Country: India

Ramdevji was a 14th century Rajasthan king, who was considered to have spiritual power and was considered as the incarnation of lord Krishna. The father of Baba Ramdevji was a king of Pokaran and his name was Ajmal. He had only two daughters and no son. The name of Baba Ramdevji mother was Rani Mainade. One year, his kingdom did not get any rain fall and hence king was going somewhere to discuss these matters. On the way he saw some farmers returning to their home as soon as they saw king. Upon asking, the farmers told king that, it is not considered as auspicious if you see the face of barren king face. Listening to this king Ajmal felt really sad and went to Dwarka to worship lord Krishna to have a boy baby.

After long worship, he finally was able to meet Lord Krishna and god was very much impressed by his worship. Then Lord Krishna asked Ajmal for his wish and in return king asked for a boy who is same as like Lord Krishna. The after one year both couple had a very beautiful baby named as Ramdevji or Bhiramdev.

One very famous story related with Baba Ramdevji is there. It is said that one day, King Ajmal told a toy maker to make wood horse as a toy for Bhiramdev. King gave precious cloths and other decorating material to the toy maker to make the toy. But seeing such a wealthy items like cloths, the toy maker took most of the cloth and gave it to his wife. And he used an old cloth to cover the wooden toy.

When King came with Bhiramdev to get the toy, Bhiramdev sat on the horse, and suddenly the horse started flying get towards the sky. The cloth the toy used was disappeared from the horse. In short while Bhiramdev came back with the horse. King was very angry with the toy and decided to punish him. But the toy maker pleaded in front of the Bhiramdev and asked for his forgiveness. Bhiramdev forgives the toy maker and from that it has become a tradition to give a wooden horse with a cloth to the temple of Bhiramdev.

One another story is related with the Muslim Saints. Some of the Muslim saint came from Mecca to test the spirituality of Bhiramdev. When they came to the house of Bhiramdev, they were given a royal ‘Abhishek’. At the time of dinner, these saints refused to eat food, saying that they only eat in their utensils and their utensils are lying in the Mecca. Bhiramdev told them that their utensils are on their way to this place and suddenly all saints saw their utensils coming flying in the air towards themselves. From the day, Muslim saints started to call Bhiramdev as ‘Rama Shah Peer’.

Baba Ramdevji was married to Netalde, daughter of the King Ralji Sodha. Baba Ramdevji was born in Bhadava Shukla dooj in V.S. 1409 as per the Hindu calendar. Baba Ramdevji took Samadhi at the age 33 on Bhadrapada Shukla Ekadashi in V.S. 1442.

How People Celebrate Baba Ramdev Pir Jayanti

People belonging to the regions of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Sindh are the main followers of Baba Ramdev. Meghwal community is the one that Baba Ramdev was part off, so people of this community celebrate this Jayanti with great reverence and devotion.

In Rajasthan, it is a state holiday. The biggest temple of Ramdev is situated at Ramdevra which is located at 10 km from Pokhran in Rajasthan. This is the place where he took Samadhi.

People wake up early in the morning and go to temple to worship god. Giving of wooden horse with a cloth is considered very auspicious on this occasion. Special meals are prepared on this day in the houses.