Raja Ram Mohan Roy Jayanti

Religion: Hindu
Country: India
Upcoming Raja Ram Mohan Roy Jayanti is on 22 May 2024 (Wednesday)

Days Remaining in Raja Ram Mohan Roy Jayanti 2024

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was true social reformer and visionary of modern India. He is known for his social reforms that he brought to the Indian society. Let’s learn about him in more detail. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born in the year 1772 on 22nd May. His birth place was Radhanagar of Hooghly district in Bengal and he was born in the community famously called as Shakta community. From the very childhood days he was very keen about learning new thing and for him conventional rituals of Hindu cultures was something which he was never impressed. He mainly studied from the Patna and he was well versed with the languages like Bengali, English Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit. He was able to get a good command over these languages from the very childhood days.

He was against the idol worship of the day and hence he gave many lectures regarding this.  But for him, his move was very difficult as his father was very orthodox type and due to this he has to face a huge rebellion. And conditions were reached to that level where his father left home and roamed the Himalayan Mountains and then came home after a long interval.

After that he started discovering about Hindu religion in more detail. In this span he was married against his will. His family members though they he would change after the marriage but nothing happened so. He then turned up his journey towards the Varanasi and there he picked a place where he can study the famous scripts of the Hindu. There he studies the Vedas and Upanishads of the Hindu culture. But on one sad day his father died in the year 1803 and then, he went to his native place to support his house and also to run his family business. His family business mainly dealt with the money lending and he also used to work in the finance department of the East India Company.

To his achievement he formed the Atmiya Samaj in the year 1814.  And it was first step towards the transformation of the Indian society. And he then moved his transformations towards the teaching of English language in India. And then he made several provisions for teaching of English language in India. He also paid much attention to the Sati practice being followed in the India. In sati practice, the wife of the dead husband was used to be put on the fire of his burning husband dead body. So, this was very cruel practice being followed in the India. And because of him, this practice was abolished to great extent in India.

In the year 1828 he formed the Brahmo Samaj and this was against those people who used the ritual in the Hindu religion for bad practices. Due to his Brahmo Samaj many evil practices that were being followed on the name of the god were abolished. Also since he was true visionary and the true social reformer, he was appointed as the ambassador of the Mughal Empire to fight the cases for pensions related to the Mughal emperor from the United Kingdom.

He died in the year 1833 (27th September) because of the Meningitis at Stapleton near Bristol.

How people celebrate Raja Mohan Roy Jayanti

Different people have different way of celebrating this day. Since this day is not a gazetted day, so mostly people make this day happen in the offices only.

Since he was true visionary and major social reformer, many seminars are conducted that are dedicated to the social reforms that are directly connected to the Raja Ram Mohan Roy. In the schools various events are organized that are dedicated to the life of the Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

In several institutions that are related to the life of the Raja Ram Mohan Roy, special seminars are conducted. There are other ways to celebrate this day like slogans on the roads regarding stopping the illegal practices being followed in the society and upliftment of the women in the society, because this is what life motive of the Raja Ram Mohan Roy was.