Literacy In India

The 15th official census in India was calculated in the year 2011. In a country like India, literacy is the main foundation for social and economic growth. When the British rule ended in India in the year 1947 the literacy rate was just 12%. Over the years, India has changed socially, economically, and globally. After the 2011 census, literacy rate India 2011 was found to be 74.04%. Compared to the adult literacy rate here the youth literacy rate is about 9% higher. Though this seems like a very great accomplishment, it is still a matter of concern that still so many people in India cannot even read and write. The numbers of children who do not get education especially in the rural areas are still high. Though the government has made a law that every child under the age of 14 should get free education, the problem of illiteracy is still at large.

State LiteracyMaleFemale
Tripura 87.7592.1883.15
Goa 87.4092.8181.84
Andaman And Nicobar Islands 86.2790.1181.84
West Bengal 77.0882.6771.16
Haryana 76.6485.3866.77
Uttar Pradesh 69.7279.2459.26
Andhra Pradesh 67.6675.5659.74
Bihar 63.82  
Himachal Pradesh