Apna Khata - Easily Check Land Details, Records in Rajasthan

For an individual as well as state, the land record holds a great significance. It provides one with the records of the right of a particular land. As a part of the digitization of documentation, this portal is initiated by the state government of Rajasthan, where one can find complete details of his land record. One can also check the status of the land, whether it is a government land or an ancestral one. Hence it can prove highly useful for those who deal in this industry and also those who are planning to buy some land or sell it.

One must note that the rights of records is essential in case of any change in the state of land or even selling or buying it to or from any third party. In case of any legal issue, records of right only hold validity in the eyes of the law. In the case of agricultural land, all deals and rebates or subsidies can be claimed on the basis of this record only.

Why go for Apna Khata?

It is doubtlessly beneficial as the record is digitized, but there are also many more benefits associated with Apna Khata, making it a beneficial package for the users. With the help of this portal, one can check the record of his land in terms of size and place. As it is on the portal, one can check it at any moment and that too, without any formality or permissions. Hence one can save not only time but also efforts and get the record as and when required. To check the land record, one does not need to go to Gram Panchayat or Patwari Office. One can also get the Jamabandi and Khasra Number easily with the help of this portal. In case of a change in land ownership, one can check if the land is recorded on his name or not. It also helps to avoid frauds related to land ownership and land grabbing.

Credit - http://apnakhata.raj.nic.in

How to Find Land Details using Apna Khata in Rajasthan?

No doubt, there are many benefits associated with this portal, but to avail of them, one needs to know the process of using this platform. Here are the steps mentioned with the help of which one can easily check the status of his land.

  • First of all, one needs to visit the portal http://apnakhata.raj.nic.in and select the district of land. A map is provided with names of respective districts mentioned on it to facilitate the users.
  • As soon as the name of the district is clicked, one can see the available tehsil in the concerned district from which he needs to select the one where the land is present. 
  • Once the tehsil is selected, one can find various villages from where one needs to select his village. 
  • There is also another option present where one can search the land record by name and account number.
  • As soon as necessary details are filled, one can find the land record where the names of owners are mentioned with father or husband's names.

You can find land details by entering khata number, khasra number, name, USN or GRN.

Hence checking the land record has been much easier now, but here one needs to note that the printout from this portal is not considered as a valid one in case of a legal suit or any discount or benefit of the government scheme. In such instances, one needs to get his Jamabandi Nakal from the office of land record only. This portal can be hold good for checking the state of ownership. To be sure about the same, one needs to verify it with the office of land records. One can also apply for the change of nomination and other details. For such a change, he needs to visit the homepage of the site where there is a page provided for nomination application. One needs to fill in the details and submit the documents to the portal.

In case of any change in land record or query, one must contact the land record officer of his district. Those who have any queries can also contact on the given contact details in the contact section of the portal.

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