Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer 13 September

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz
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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer 13 September 2020, Answer & Win Exciting Prizes

You can play daily trivia on Flipkart App on your mobile phone and increase your knowledge and win prizes. 

Question 1: Starting in 1970, what day is celebrated all over the world on 22nd April?
Option A) Earth Day
Option B) Water Day
Option C) Nature Day
Option D) Environment Day
Answer - Earth Day
Earth day is celebrated globally in more than 193 countries on April 22 every year
Question 2 : Which Anushka Sharma Starrer was banned in Pakistan for promoting black magic?
Option A) Sui Dhaaga
Option B) Zero
Option C) Pari
Option D) Phillauri
Answer - Pari
Pari Movie was a horror film starring Anushka Sharma and was released on 2nd March 2018. 
Question 3 : Which Animal Became a central part of MF Husain's paintings since the 1950s?
Option A) Elephant
Option B) Lion
Option C) Horse
Option D) Tiger
Answer -  Horse
Question 4 : Two angles of a triangles are 72 and 44. What is the third angle?
Option A) 74
Option B) 64
Option C) 54
Option D) 44
Answer - 64
Sum of Angles in a triangle is 180 degree. Since two degrees are given so third one will be 180-72-44 = 64
Question 5 : Among these, which sea is the saltiest?
Option A) Red Sea
Option B) Black Sea
Option C) Caspian Sea
Option D) All of the above
Answer - Red Sea

How to Play Flipkart Trivia Quiz?

Follow the steps below to play flipkart trivia quiz daily.

1. Install Flipkart App from Play Store.

2. Open Flipkart App in your mobile phone.

3. Go to Games Section and browse through many quizes.


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