Assam Tourism

Assam is the easily accessible state among the other north eastern states of India. Assam gives its visitors a medley of cultures and breathtaking landscapes. With boisterously flowing Brahmaputra River protruding out of this state, a different yet promising landscape is always available for the visitors. Not only the landscape but overall lifestyle, culture and of course the people here offers an exorbitant fun of visiting this region.

For an explorer, Assam is a treasure of knowledge. Guwahati is the capital of Assam and there are various promising places to visit nearby this city. If we meticulously look into the Assam, then it is an important station before you start your journey towards others state like Manipur etc. Many parts of this state are desolated and are perfect places to mingle yourself with Mother Nature. It is natural to have a puerile behavior when you are visiting some of the fantastic locations like Brahmaputra River etc. because of their attraction power.

So let’s have a look at different type of places that are the star attraction of Assam.

Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Assam (A brief data on top places)

Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati

This is a very famous temple in Assam or you can say in whole India. It is said that the Yoni of Sati fell at this place. This temple is said to be famous for female spiritual power. Every year several animals are beheaded as a tribute to the goddesses and people who do not have any child due to various reasons come to this place for worshipping goddesses. In the month of June ‘Ambubachi Mela’ is organized and the crowd gathers at this place in large numbers. Kamakhya temple is not very far from Guwahati and it is only 7Km journey from this city. One more temple famously called as the ‘Umananda Mandir’ is also visited by people in large number. From Kachari Ghat travelers have to board a ferry and this temple is situated on an island across the river.

Assam State Museum

Those people who are fond of visiting the museums can have a look of this place also. A large collection of sculptures and artifacts belonging to the tribal communities are displayed in this museum. One separate floor is dedicated to providing information to the visitors about the tribe that once exist in Assam and also those still exist. Rs 5 is the entry fees into this museum and it will take around half an hour to have a complete look of this museum.

Hajo and Poa Mecca

Hajo is also an important place to visit near Guwahati. Around 30 Km from the capital city, Hajo is a desolated site, but a famous and a religious site for Hindu followers. There are five different temples that are built here and one of them is very famously known as the ‘Madhav temple’. It is said that ‘Madhav’ was another avatar of Lord Krishna and an idol as old as 6000 years is still lying in this temple. Stares run through the hill and after covering these steps comes the temple. Poa Mecca is around 2 Km from the Hajo, and a Mosque is there and it shelters the tomb of ‘Hazarat Shah Sultan Giasuddin Aulia Rahmatullah’. It is said that he died around 800 years ago and then this mosque was made and he was buried here only.

Pobitora national park

For nature lovers this national park gives a mesmerizing look of nature. Around 40 Km from capital city, this national park have rhinos in large numbers. To reach this park a boat ride across the river and then an elephant ride is taken.  There are several Jeeps available for visitors to have a close look of Rhinoceros. But it is advisable that Elephant ride is the best one. It is advised not to make any type of activity that can make rhinos feel danger as it can be lethal if a rhinoceros gets disturbed.


Although the major population is comprised of Bangladeshi immigrants, but Tezpur is among the most beautiful cities in India. The delicately manicured gardens, flower beds etc. have a picturesque view of this city. And this is not the end; few lakes plus the enchanting view of River Brahmaputra are impeccable. So, those who wants to extricate themselves from the monotonous life and want to get solace, this city is an ideal place to have it. Chitralekha Udyan is a nice pond and this is decorated with beautifully crafted gardens and flowers around it. For getting relaxed properly maintained lawns are there.

Bansbari Range

This park is famous for tigers and there are several safaris organized in this park to have a look of a tiger. There are various lodges also and they can also arrange a jeep safari for the visitors. Entry to this park is free, but for lodging and boarding facilities, you have to pay from your own.

Kanziranga national park

This national park is a favorite destination among the wildlife photographers and nature enthusiast people. Around one third population of rhinoceros in the whole world lives in this park. All the time in the whole year, people come in large number to have a look of this amazing creature. Mostly elephant rides are preferred for having a complete round of this park. Rhinoceros are not the only animal that you can spot here, deer’s and different species of birds can also be spotted in this park.


Jorhat gives its visitors a unique experience they can never have in any other part of the world. Beautifully manicured tea farms and adjacent to them are the bungalows of the British era. Many visitors prefer here to stay for one or more days to have a look of these beautiful crafted tea farms. A sip of tea in these farms is always advisable by the travelers that are visiting at this place. But to have a fun of this place, prior booking is done. Near to these are Majuli Island and the best thing about these islands is that they are formed in the middle of the Brahmaputra river. In India Majuli Islands is the largest one and second largest in the world.


Sivasagar is famous for its temple and many people come to this site for worshipping in the temple that has been here for more than 600 years. The name Sivasagar is derived from the rectangular reservoir that is present near these temples and it is said that this reservoir was dug by Ahom ‘Queen Ambika’ in 1738.


Dibrugarh is famous for the boat ride to the north of Brahmaputra River. It is an excellent site to have a ride by boat towards the Arunachal Pradesh. Although in rainy season boat rides are not allowed, but in the remaining months, people in the large number flock for having this service.

Tips for Journey

In terms of connectivity Assam is good as compared to other eastern most states and the reason behind this anomaly is that most of the part of this state is having an adequate local transportation. But major cities like Tezpur and Guwahati are having all types of modes of transportation. People tend to avoid coming into the season of monsoon because of the problem associated with blocked road due to the landslides but for the water sports enthusiasts this is the ideal time. Although there is no scarcity of Hotels and guest houses, but their price shoots up in the festive season. Due to excessive rainfall reported in this area, be ready to face the humidity and prepare prior for same. During the rainy season, it is not advisable to have shoes on your feet, anything which is open are always preferred. Since connectivity to remote areas is weak, having your own means of transportation is a nice option when coming to these areas.

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