Nagaland Tourism

Nagaland is the northeastern most state of India and it shares borders with the adjacent country known as ‘Myanmar’. Word Nagaland is derived from the very fact that ‘Naga’ tribe is very famous here and hence this state is called as Nagaland. Most of the parts of this state are having mountain terrain and attraction to this nature is inevitable. The strong steadfast mountains present picturesque views and the deep valleys are home to various small rivers flowing all through this state. The essence of Nagaland is that it is still much desolated state and hence the calmness and peace is all around. In terms of flora and fauna, Nagaland is trussed in exorbitant numbers. While the southern part of Nagaland is developed, northern part is still not that developed. There are paltry modes of transportation in remote areas of this state. Kohima is the capital of Nagaland and for watching it has several spots.

So, let’s discover this state in little more details.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Nagaland - A brief data on top places


This is among the most advanced city in Nagaland state and has all the modes of transportation to reach this city. Mainly people come here for shopping needs that are not available in the rest part of the state. In ancient time Dimapur was the capitol under the Kachari kingdom. There are various hotels and guest houses that are present in this city. There are several parks that can be visited by the travelers, but as such there is no specific place to visit in this city. A very famous delicacies sell by the tribe is called as ‘borol’ and it is a must to have it.


Being the capital of Nagaland, Kohima enjoys all types of facilities. Here you will find all sorts of transportation  thanks to the development that is taking place in this city. A very famous war cemetery is built here, and is dedicated to the soldiers that died during the Second World War. Graves of British soldiers and Indian soldiers are still lying in this cemetery. It is said that this cemetery has graves of around 1400 soldiers comprising of different nationalities. A very famous central market is there and people often do shopping from this market only.

State Museum

Just little from the capital city, this museum holds sculptures, artifacts related to the Naga tribe. If you are really interested in exploring the tribal information of this Naga tribe, then this is an ideal place. A very minor fee is charged by the museum and anybody can have a look of the items that are belonging to the ancient tribes. It will only take half an hour time to have a complete visit to this museum.

Kisama heritage village

Not far from the Kohima, this adventures village comes. Every year very famous festival known as ‘Hornbill’ festival is celebrated in this village. In this festival, tribal people perform natural arts, drums are played and celebrations are done with great enthusiasm. This village is just 10Km from the Kohima city.


This village has a great historic importance of its own and two famous British–Angami siege battles took place here in 1847 and 1879. The natural beauty of this village attracts crowds in large number and people apart from learning about these two wars, gets the comfort of the beautiful surroundings around this village.


This small village acts as a halt point for the visitors’ that are going deeper into this state. It has excellent guest houses (Although in less numbers, but are comfortable). The only thing which you have to do, is to pre inform them about your coming.


On the road from Kohima to Mon, this small village falls on the way. The scenic beauty around this village is nice and sober. This act as a rest place for the visitors, and a couple of guest houses are available in this village. Some of the star attractions nearby to this village are Rendikala Subong Museum, Ungma village etc.


Most of the people come to Nagaland due to this hill station only. The best thing about this hill station is that, it is still in desolated state. Being located in the northern part of Nagaland, Mon has some of the best and fantastic views of valleys and hills. Climatic conditions are also favorable here. There are various packages that are offered by the hotels, and have a nice package is always necessary. The old Mon village is the closest village in Mon and offers some of the best shopping experiences for products related to tribes. There are a couple of other villages like Tamgnyu village, which is around 13 Km from Mon, and also offers good shopping places.


This is 35 Km from Mon and special thing about this place is, that here border of two countries, India and Myanmar is there. Headman’s long houses can be seen here in large numbers. A medley of cultures that is part of two countries is easily distinguishable.

Tips for Journey

In terms of connectivity Nagaland is little backward as compared to other states and the reason behind this anomaly is that most of the part of this state is having hill terrain but being small in area, this state has an adequate local transportation. But major cities like Kohima and Dimapur are having all types of modes of transportation.

People tend to avoid coming into the season of monsoon because of the problem associated with blocked road due to the landslides but for the water sports enthusiasts this is the ideal time.

Since this state is situated well above the sea level, climatic conditions are generally cool here.

Although there is no scarcity of Hotels and guest houses, but their price shoots up in the festive season.Due to excessive rainfall reported in this area, be ready to face the humidity and prepare prior for same.

During the rainy season, it is not advisable to have shoes on your feet, anything which is open are always preferred. Since connectivity to remote areas is weak, having your own means of transportation is a nice option when coming to these areas.

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