Manipur Tourism

Manipur is situated in eastern most part of India. Tourist industry in Manipur is meticulously designed in order to impress the visitor coming to this part of country. The plethora of places to see makes Manipur a must to visit destination. Thick forests, Rivers, waterfalls are in desolate state but they attracts, and people from different part of country come here unabashedly. It entails time and patience to discover this awesome state that offers some of the picturesque views of nature and monuments. Imphal is the capital of Manipur. Let’s read more about these visiting places.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Manipur (A brief data on top places)

The Shree Govindajee Temple

This temple is dedicated to the ‘lord Krishna’ and it was built in 1704 A.D by the king known as ‘Charairongba’. It is situated in the Imphal city and can be accessed with local mode of transportation. Along with lord Krishna there are idol of ‘Lord Vishnu who is said to be the savior of mankind, can also be seen in this temple. The major attraction of this temple is the different idols of lord Krishna and these idols denotes or depicts the whole life of lord Krishna right from his childhood.

The Kangla Palace

Once Kangla was the capital of Manipur in 17th century and this capital had fantastic fort which now stands in the middle of Imphal city. This fort is around 2600 feet above the sea level and built near the Imphal River. This fort also holds religious importance and many people come to see this fort for its past importance in this region. All beings are permitted to enter and see this fort but prior to the permission from the administrative departments.


Kaina is famous for two reasons, one for the religious importance, because a famous temple of lord Krishna is built here and secondly it gives an fantastic views of nature as it is an important hill top near Imphal. Along year crowd of devotees can be seen and different dances and cultural activities are organized time to time. According to ancient mythology it is said that ‘Lord Krishna came in to the dreams of Maharaja Bheigyachandra and asked him to build this temple.


An ancient temple dedicated to the Lord Thangjing is built here and it is around 45 Km from the Imphal city. This temple has too much religious importance in this region and in the month of May special activities and cultural programs are organized. It is said that in the year 1944 Indian National Army hoisted the Indian flag. That time Moirand was the head quarters of Azad Hind Fauz.


Khongjom holds great importance in the hearts of Manipur people. In 1891 a famous Army person named as ‘Major General Paona Brajabashi’ fought till death against the British forces in order to protect Manipur getting in to the hands of British Army. A war memorial is constructed in memory of this great man and people can find lot of information related to this war. April 23 is a state holiday in Manipur as homage to this great warrior.

Loktak Lak

This exorbitant fresh water lake is among the star attraction in Manipur. The desolated lake offers some of the picturesque view of nature. Different species of birds flock in this part of lake and those who wants to extricate their stress from the busy life of city; this is the perfect spot for them. Along the lake couples of tourist bungalows are there and they provided boat ride in this lake. There are two famous islands that are present in middle of this lake and they are named as Thanga and Karang. Loktak Lak is around 48 Km from the capital city Imphal and there is a plenty mode of transportation available to this point.

Waithou Lake

Around 16 Km from the Imphal on Indo-Mynamar Road, a beautiful lake resides and its name is ‘Waithou Lake’. Similar to the Loktak Lak, this also provides its visitors some of the best experience with the Mother Nature. There are several outlets of food, boating etc have been constructed to please the visitors. Apart from these, there is a complete hub of pineapple trees. And products made from this fruit are very cheap and different other products also made from this fruit.


It is an important destination among the visitors, and people in large number flock to this part of state. The thing that attracts crowd in large numbers is it natural beauty and being an important hill station, it gives the fantastic view of Manipur valley. This is around 69 Km from the main Imphal city.


This is an important location for both natural beauty and being an important business hub. This is situated very closely to the Myanmar border and hence due to trading activities taking place between the two countries has made it an important trading cum business hub. Due to this reason people come to this town in large numbers. But if business activities are kept aside, the naturally beauty of this town projects another image that will extricate people from stresses of busy life they in cities.

Tips for Journey

In terms of connectivity Manipur is little backward as compared to other states and the reason behind this anomaly is that most of the part of this state is having hill terrain but being small in area, this state has an adequate local transportation. But major cities like Jamshedpur, Ranchi are having all types of modes of transportation. People tend to avoid coming into the season of monsoon because of the problem associated with blocked road due to the landslides. Since this state is situated well above the sea level, climatic conditions are generally cool here.  Although there is no scarcity of Hotels and guest houses, but their price shoots up in the festive season. So, prior coming to here, have your rooms booked. Due to some internal disturbances in the state, you may have to go through several security checks. Since connectivity to remote areas is weak, having your own means of transportation is a nice option when coming to these areas.

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