Chhattisgarh Tourism

Chhattisgarh, a state where natural beauty and culture diversity runs side by side. Before 2000, it was part of the famous state Madhya Pradesh, but after that, it was made and was given a status of separate state. Its natural beauty is displayed in terms of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, caves, rock paintings, hill plateaus, flora and fauna. But this is not the only thing that attracts lot of visitors every year. Its culture diversity also bolsters its image of a preferred place for tourism. Most of its part is covered with forest and there are many unique tribes living in different part of this state. So, visiting these region tourists will get lot to know about the traditions that are so unique and diverse to each other. Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh, this also holds several promising attraction for tourism. Let’s read about some of the top preferred destination in Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh Tourism - Where to visit (A brief data on top places)


In our list, first is Bastar. An ideal place dedicated to its serene natural beauty and tribal culture that spreads in vast area. Nothing can beat Bastar in terms of wild natural surroundings and nothing so enchanting can be experienced by visitors, at other places. One such natural beauty that is worth mentioning here is the Chitrakot falls also called as Niagra falls of India. Other places that are star attraction of Bastar are Jagdalpur Palace, Ganga Munda Lakes, Dalpat Sagar Lakes, Tiratgarh Waterfalls, Mandawa Waterfalls, Chitrashara Waterfalls and ruins of Barsoor Temples etc.


It is much like Bastar and presents picturesque view of nature similar to Bastar . One such natural beauty that is worth mentioning here is the Tata Pani springs, that attracts crowd in huge number from all over the country. Tiger point waterfall, Thinthini Patthar, Kudargarh, Deepadih, Ramgarh and Sita Bengra, Ramgarh cave and Sita Bengra cave, Mahamaya Temple, Pawai Waterfall, Kendai Waterfalls, and Mainpat.


Raipur being the capital of Chhattisgarh shares a special place in its heart and also in terms of tourist places. This is most advanced city in this state and you can get all type of transportation only at this place. Some of the prime attraction of Raipur are Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum,, Budhapara Lake, Vivekananda ashram, Shaheed Smarak Complex, Mahakoshal Art Gallery, Doodhadhari Monastery and Temple, Mahamaya Temple etc.


Bilaspur has always been known for its cultural importance and houses several religious structures related to Hindu and Muslim religion. It sees coming of people in numbers of thousands every year and has great cultural importance. Some of the temples that attracts maximum crowd here are Goddess Mahamaya, a Baba Bairavnath temple, Ram Panchayat temple, Laxmi Temple, Ratneswar Mahadev Temple, Pataleswar Kedar Temple, Didneswari Temple and Deorani-Jethani. A very famous shrine famously called as Dargah of Musekhan is among the star attraction of this place. The interesting fact here is that, some monuments have been constructed in the 11th and 12th century.


Dantewada is always in talk because of its richness with natural mineral resources. Major coal and iron mines are present here. Its holds some of the best picturesque scenes of nature and mesmerizes its visitors with its enchanting views. In terms of religion, it is a major hub for the Hindu, Buddhism and Jain religion. A very famous temple known as the temple of Devi Danteshwari of Chhattisgarh is the star attraction of this place. Famous pillars of Gama Wada are also situated in Dantewada.


It is famous for its natural beauty and some of the star attractions of this place are Buddhist monastery, Gandheshwar and Laxman Temple. Sirpur, Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar, Swastik Vihar are of other places that can also be visited by the tourists.


It is famous for its serene and enchanting beauty in terms of nature. The picturesque views of waterfalls are really something that visitors should go for. Gaurishanker Mandir, Banjari Temple and Chandrashani Temple are some of the star attraction of Chhattisgarh. A very famous park known as ‘Kamla Nehru park’ is key location to beat your stress out.


There are various waterfalls which are very famous in Chhattisgarh namely: Akuri Nala, Amrit Dhara waterfall, Gavar Ghat waterfall, Ramdaha waterfall, Tiger point waterfall and Chitrakot waterfall, Tirathgarh waterfall.

Tips for Journey

In terms of connectivity Chhattisgarh is little backward as compared to other states and the reason behind this anomaly is that most of the part of this state is still under the forest cover. But major cities like Raipur, Raigarh are having all types of modes of transportation. People tend to avoid coming into the season of monsoon and in the month of May and June. In the month of summer hot air blow all across the region and visiting different places a hectic work. Although there is no scarcity of Hotels and guest houses, but their price shoots up in the festive season. So, prior coming to here, have your rooms booked. Due to some internal disturbances in the state, you may have to go through several security checks. Since connectivity to remote areas is weak, having your own means of transportation is a nice option when coming to these areas.

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