Festivals of Daman and Diu, India

Daman and Diu is one of the principal Union Territories in India established in the year 1987. The coastal exclave on Arabian Sea coastline had long been under Portugal regime (for more than four centuries) and the Portugal culture bears a deep rooted strong hold on the ways of Daman & Diu inhabitants till date. Daman & Diu are nearly 640 km apart from one another. English, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi are the most commonly used official languages here while some of the seniors still prefer to speak in Portuguese. The total population of the Union Territory is 242, 911. Daman is the capital for Daman and Diu. Apart from the Hinduism and tribal religions, Daman and Diu are also inhabited by a large populace of Christians.

Diu and Daman boasts a multi-faceted rich cultural heritage. It’s an interesting potpourri echoing an exotic fusion culture marked by the influence Indian, European and tribal life predominant across the region. The Daman and Diu represents a very vibrant populace who love to celebrate the life at its best. Festivals are an indispensable aspect of Daman & Diu culture which are rejoiced with soulful celebrations, wrapped in great mirth, joy, merriment and grandeur.

The culturally enriched populace of the Union Territory love to commemorate the festivities in aplomb with wonderful song and dance numbers. The intriguing amalgamation of cultures witnessed here has resulted in the practice of several dance forms for the celebrations- you will find the conventional Daman dances while the major Indian folk dances like Garba and the traditional Portuguese moves are equally cherished here.

In regards to festivals, Daman and Diu celebrates a great lot of festivals. However, since dance comprises a major part of celebration here, the hallmark festivals of the Union Territory are mostly based on spectacular dances.

The Most Important Festivals of Daman and Diu

Garba Festival- Garba is the most popular festival in Daman and Diu celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. The Garba festivities are rejoiced for 9 days at a stretch with the onset of fall, either in October or November sometimes. The festival is a tribute to Amba Mata and is marked by conventional religious ceremonies and rituals meant for the worship of the goddess. Apart from the religious rituals, Garba Festival is also celebrated by vibrant Garba dance numbers and songs performed by people from all walks of life.

Folk Dance Festival- This is second most popular festival rejoiced with huge grandeur in Daman and Diu. The dance festival is an echo of the beautiful fusion culture depicted by Daman and Diu life. Thus, the famous Folk Dance festival involves dance performances influenced by the strong presence of varied cultures here. There are different dance numbers that are a part of the Folk Dance Festival here. The most significant of these are Vira Dance, Verdigao Dance and Mando Dance. The Daman and Diu people are very fond of this particular festival and you will find people from all age groups actively participating in the occasion.

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