Most Celebrated Festivals in Delhi

Delhi, the national capital of India, is surely the most significant aspect of the nation. Albeit the national capital territory of India was incorporated into capital formation in the year 1911 yet for ages Delhi has been a major political hub of the country given the supremacy of the Muslim regime which had its seat in Delhi. Over the years, when the British took over the control, Delhi became the capital of colonial India (after Calcutta) and is considered the same till date.

Apart from being the political hub of India, Delhi also represents a diversified and rich cultural seat for the country which is enhanced by the presence of a multi-ethnic populace here. The national capital territory of India exhibits an amalgamation of varied cultures with people from diverse states and different religious communities-together known as Delhites- having their life here. Given the presence of such an ethnically diverse populace, the festivals of Delhi are celebrated with due respect to the major communities here.

The Delhites are a jovial bunch of populace who love to celebrate each festivity with great zeal and fervor. Cultural events like songs and dances are a major aspect of any of the festival here while poetry and drama receive equal importance here. Elaborate gourmet spreads and gifts for near or dear form an indispensable part of the festivals in the Indian national capital. All in all, the Delhi festivals are rejoiced with grand joy, mirth and merriment.

Albeit Delhi in renowned for rejoicing various religious festivals with exuberance and enthusiasm, the political anniversaries too are commemorated here with much pride and vibrancy. The political festivals in Delhi witness great processions packed with active mass participation as well as a number of cultural events with due respect to the rich Indian heritage and history.

Major festivals of Delhi

Diwali- Diwali is one of the most important festivals of Delhi. It is celebrated in the month of October or November and is marked by great gourmet parties, gift giving among near and dear ones and spread of joy everywhere. Albeit Deepavali is a Hindu festival by genesis where Hindus worship Mother Lakshmi yet the joyous occasion is rejoiced here with participation from all the religious communities residing in national capital. Diwali is marked by lighting of diyas (lamps), burning of crackers and all-night parties over cards, liquor, sweets and great food.

Dussera- It is another highly celebrated festival in Delhi which falls either in September or November, on the 10th day of Durga Puja. The holy occasion chiefly celebrates the triumph of Lord Rama over the Demon Ravana and you will find grand effigies of Ravana burning in different parts of the city. The celebration champions the victory of good over evil. Local street plays depicting Rama’s fight against Ravana is a major part of Dussera celebrations in Delhi.

Ramzan & Bakrid-A major part of Delhi has been predominated by the Islamic sect for years and hence Eid is celebrated with great vigor in the national capital. Akin to Diwali, the Eid celebration witness participation by people from different religions in the city – commemorating the festival with great joy, new clothes, gifts, splendid Eid parties and merry making. The festival of Eid is celebrated twice annually and the precise date is determined with appearance of the star nestled at the side of the crescent moon- the holy symbol of Islam.

Holi- The Hindu festival of colors also symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and falls generally in the month of march. The occasion is celebrated throughout Delhi with people smearing one another with colorful gulal and water splashes. It’s a much loved occasion and is celebrated with great pomp and aplomb. “Bhaang”, a type of intoxicant, is an indispensable part of Holi celebrations in Delhi.

Christmas- The secular Delhites celebrate Christmas with same high enthusiasm as is noticed in the celebration of Eid, Holi or Diwali in the city. The Delhi populace love to spend the 25th of December with amazing parties over food, cake and wine as well as grand mirth and merriment. The Delhi churches are always a wonderful sight with their excellent embellishments during the Christmas.

Independence Day- 15th August is celebrated with great patriotism, devotion and enthusiasm all over the capital commemorating the Indian freedom from British Raj. Various cultural events such as dramas, song, dances etc.- wrapped in patriotic flavor are organized all over the national capital on 15th of August.

Republic Day- Republic Day is observed amidst great processions and cultural events all over the national capital on 26th January every year – which marks the adoption of Indian constitution.

Raksha Bandhan- It generally falls on August when the sisters tie a “dhaga” or “bandhan” on their brothers’ hands praying for long life and well being.  Rakshabandhan also marks the symbol of fraternity where you have people from different religions tying the “rakhi” on the hands of each other.

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