Christmas Tree

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated with great reverence and joy all across the world. Over the years there are various practices that came in to Christian religion, and one of them is Christmas tree. Although most of you must be knowing this fact that it is used for decoration, which is quite blatant thing to tell. Trend of this practice started in Germany and with in short span of period it got propensity of people.

While some people considered this as unruly as it is not mentioned in Bible, but they could not last forever. Its origins can be traced back from Germany and this started first time their only, to put up a tree in front of house. In those times, electricity was not there, so candles were used for decoration. And it entails no explanation as to why it all was done. Since this practice was sort of naïve in initial years of its advent, it began to spread its existence in other European and American continent parts and slowly the use of Christmas tree got to surfeit.

In 20th century we saw that these trees were spotted being placed in front of public setups like offices etc. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City is among the famous. Generally trees of spruce are chosen for it. In European regions we generally see Norway spruce being used; on the contrary in American continent we have regular use of Douglas-fir. But in the course of time due to paucity of natural ones, has led to exorbitant use of artificial tress. The natural ones have to be ordered in advance. Generally a height of tree should be 3m-4m. Markets are awash with decorating material for this occasion.

Unabashedly people spend a lot on buying these trees and then carry out the usually decorations. Tinsel, garlands, ornaments, Silver Saran are common decorating ingredients. Lights, Star are some of other decorative items. A small village with some shepherds and mother merry and father can be placed below the tree. People sprinkle cotton as sort of indication of snow. Socks filled with gifts are also in practice these days. The lingering joy of decorating a Christmas tree can be felt by the people and sort of inevitable feeling.

Putting up Christmas tree and then taking it down has specific dates and time. Some people feel that it is good to put the Christmas tree on the eve i.e. 24th December. While some people in US and Canada put it after thanksgiving. But the commercial establishment those deals in making these products can be seen putting them up in front of their shop even before the Halloween. So, there is no fix time and tradition of keeping it in but every family has it and they follow the same generations after generations. This can be legitimized from the fact that it is for fun and not to please people or sort of that. It is taken off during the time of January or early February and is considered good if you remove before Candlemas eve as per the legends.

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