World Peace Day

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Upcoming World Peace Day is on 21 September 2023 (Thursday)

Days Remaining in World Peace Day 2023

Peace and harmony is what liked by everyone living in this world. No person present on this earth wants to witness war between two or more countries. War is a symbol of destruction and death. The war is not good for all and has taken up many lives along with it. The two World Wars that took place took away many lives, killed many soldiers and men living in the various countries. A war not only kills many but it also disrupts the way of living. The whole system is disorganised and a country involved in war sees a great amount of loss in the economy of that country.

The United Nations committee together decided to celebrate a world Peace day. This day is sometimes also known as the International day of Peace. The main aim of the UN is to make sure that the various countries in the world are in harmony. Thus to make sure that there is peace all around the UN committee in September 1981, decided to celebrate world Peace day. Since then every year in the month of September the world celebrated the Peace day. In the year 1982 it was the first time when the Peace Day was observed by all the different countries. In the year 2001 the committee unanimously voted for the date of world peace day to be celebrated on 21st September. Every year this day is celebrated as the world peace day.

Every year the day is celebrated by keeping mind a special theme for the day. Last year in 2013 the UN secretary general announced the theme of the world peace day to be the peace education. In the year 2014 the UN has decided its theme for the peace day is the Right to Peace for every person. The UN every year requests the people around the world to celebrate the peace day every year.


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