Indian Navy Day

Country: India
Upcoming Indian Navy Day is on 04 December 2024 (Wednesday)

Days Remaining in Indian Navy Day 2024

The Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year all over the country on 4th December. The day is celebrated to honour the memory of Operation Trident that was carried out in the India-Pakistan War of 1971. The operation witnessed the implementation of anti-ship missiles for the very first time. The Operation Trident is regarded as a very important turning point in the history of India Navy as it vanquished all Pakistani forces in almost one night. Three Pakistani Vessels were sunk by the Indian Naval Heroes at the largest and only port of Karachi, the Pakistani Headquarters in a night long operation.

An ammunition supplying ship, a minesweeper and a destroyer were devastatingly sunk by the Indian Navy. The Operation Trident demonstrated the improved capabilities and standpoint of the Indian Naval forces, thus irreparably destroying Pakistani oil storage tanks and other resources at the only port in Pakistan. India emerged out victorious and reinforced the blockade by naval forces on East Pakistan. The Indian Navy Day is celebrated to respect this great victory.

Origin of Indian Navy

The Commander-in-Chief of Indian Navy is the President of India and the naval branch comes under the Armed Forces of India. Chhatrapati Shivaji, the great Maratha Ruler is regarded as the Father of Indian Navy. The Maratha Naval Forces ruled the subcontinent seas for almost three centuries and was considered the most powerful force of this region.  The seeds of modern Indian Navy were sown in the marine of the East India Company in 17th century. After the independence in 1950, Indian Navy or ‘Nau Sena’ as said in ‘Devanagiri’ came into existence officially. At present, the Indian Navy comprises of more than 58,380 officials, 250 aircrafts, 181 ships, satellite GSAT-7 and numerous auxiliary ships.

Celebrations across the Nation

The Indian Navy Day is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm all over the nation. The Sea Cadet Corps practice from a long time to perform dance and stunts at the Navy Day parade held in Mumbai. The Indian Navy Sailors spin riffles that are on flame as a gesture to honour this day. The Marine Commandos perform astounding stunts from a week to celebrate this day. It is absolutely a pleasure to watch the dress rehearsals and practice sessions ahead of the Navy Day. Band rehearsals and dress rehearsals take place in front of the Gateway of India, Mumbai every year and people flock there to catch a glimpse of our real Heroes.

The civilians are even allowed to have a closer look at the Supersonic Sea Harrier Fighter Aircrafts and Vessels in Mumbai every year. In Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh the Eastern Nau Sena Cadets showcase their skills by performing stunts on the sea with helicopters and motorboats. The 7 days celebration of the Indian Navy Day takes place at the R.K Beach in Visakhapatnam where tanks, fighter planes, warships etc are showcased to commemorate this day. The Easter naval Command takes full responsibility of presenting a splendid showcase of talent every year. In addition, hundreds of other events take place in India to honor the great Naval Heroes of the county.