Sant Gyaneshwar Jayanti

Religion: Hindu
Country: India

Sant Gyaneshwar was the famous saint in northern Indian and he was known for his extraordinary skill in terms of writing and other field of knowledge. In the year 1271, Saint Gyaneshwar was born in the small village which was located near the river Godavari. He was having four siblings, and out of four, three were brothers and one was sister. According to the legends, father of Saint Gyaneshwar Vithalpant was finding marriage life not useful and annoying. So, in order to give away this life, he went to the holy city of India, Banaras, to seek spiritual knowledge. But it is said that, the guru who used to teach him, heard about his leaving the family behind. So, he told Vithalpant to go back to his family and serve and this will be his best deeds in the world, if he is able to do so. After returning to home, Vithalpant had four children. The name of his four children were Nvrittinath, then Gyaneshwar, another boy Sopana and a daughter Muktabai. In the coming future, all of them became big names in the spiritual world.

Saint Gyaneshwar got interested in the spiritual world and he learnt most of the knowledge from his elder brother. He used to go with his brother in various gathering of saint and used to hear saying of famous saint that time. As he got little bit older, he started writing manuscripts and other writing related to god and his writing were very unique. There are two very basic and famous writing of Saint Gyaneshwar is Gnyaneshwari and the Amritanumbhava. Gnyaneshwari is having the content which depicts the holy book Bhagvad Gita. Amritanumbhava, in this book saint Gyaneshwar, has written about the life of saints and their work.

Till now also, the writing of saint Gyaneshwar is consider the highest and intellectual work that had ever hap0pend in the Hindu culture. His work is considered of high intellectual importance and he is considered above all till now also.

Legends also talk about the miracle power of Saint Gyaneshwar and there are various stories that are realt3ed to the miracle power of this intellectual person. Some say that in one day he used his knowledge and power to wake up a dead person. On the other hand, another story says that, he swayed a bad person by saying him to look at the back of his sister, Muktabai. The energy and heat that used to come out from his back was used as the fire for cooking food too.

How People Celebrate Sant Gyaneshwar Jayanti

Celebrations related to this Jayanti are mostly localized to the northern part of the India. Mainly Saint Gyaneshwar is worshipper in the state Madhya Pradesh.

On this very day, people wake up early in the morning and  take bath and wear clean clothes to go to the temples for offering there prayers.

On the other hand, at various places, Satsang, Bhajan and Keertan are conducted and writing of Saint Gyaneshwar is chanted loud. At various places, a cultural event, that depicts the life of this intellectual person are performed with great reverence and devotion. At the end of the prayers, people are given the Prasad (Holy offering) and people then tend to put their forehead on ground to pray to god.