KIITEE 2016 Computer Based Test

UG Level / Admission at National Level
Conducting Institute:
Common Name: KIITEE Exam

Are you a candidate who is appearing for the KIITEE exam?  You should remember that this time the KIITEE 2016 is computer based test. The exam will be held online and the following steps re to be followed.

1st step is where the Proctor will guide you to the computer allotted to your number.

Step 2 the screen of the computer will be showing a welcome note.

Step 3 every candidate will be given a spare sheet to be used for all the rough work.

Step 4 you have to wait for the signal after which you can start with your test.

Step 5 during the time that you wait for the signal, every candidate is given a brief about how the test works and so, even if you are not familiar with the online system of test, you will hopefully understand the process.

 Step 6 now, the candidate has to log into the system using the password provided in the admit card and can go through the important instructions. Now you have to wait for the administrator to tell you to start the test.

Step 7 the technical person who is in charge signals the test to start, where the screen is refreshed and the option to start the test comes on the screen.

Step 8 as the timer starts to tick, the candidate can start answering the questions and no candidate will be allowed to leave the exam until the test is complete. You will not be allowed to take breaks.

Step 9 while taking the test, if you face any kind of problems, you are supposed to raise your hands so as to draw the attention of the Proctor towards you for help.

Step 10 if you have completed the test before the end of the allotted time, you will get a confirmation page where there will be two options. From there you can either choose to go back to the test or complete the test.

Step 11 if you feel the need of reviewing the answers in the time remaining at hand, you can choose to do so or you can feel free to submit your answers and complete the test.

Step 12 On the completion of the time allotted in the test, he candidate will find a message on the screen saying thank you to the candidates. 

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