KIITEE 2016 Question Paper Pattern

UG Level / Admission at National Level
Conducting Institute:
Common Name: KIITEE Exam

Are you a candidate who is appearing in the KITEE 2016? You must be very curious about the KITEE 2016 Question Paper Pattern. Here is a small piece of information to help you out in this case:

  • In the question paper, there will be 4 options for every question asked. You have to select the option that you feel is the most accurate in respect of the question asked by clicking on it. The answer has to be selected by clicking on the circle that is just adjacent to the option that is right according to you.
  • If you feel that you do not know the answer to any question, you can choose to shift to another question by clicking on the question number directly. All the question numbers appear at the bottom of the screen. Every question that you answer gets marked in the green colour and the questions that you have skipped or left unanswered will be marked in blue.
  • In case you have doubts about a particular question, you can select an answer but choose the option of Mark for Review. This way, the question will be marked to be reviewed so that you can come back to the question later and select the answer that you are sure of. Once you have reviewed the question, it will be unmarked.
  • You can choose to change the answers to any question at any given time by selecting the question and the clicking on the circle with the correct answer.
  • For every correct answer that you give, you will be given 4 marks and for every wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted too.
  • If you haven’t skipped questions in the middle, you will be automatically directed to the next question or the next section of questions. Even so, you can switch between the sections as you wish to.
  • This is a timed test and there will be 180 minutes to complete the test. The test closes al by itself the moment the time is over. For the candidates who finish before the allotted time, they get a confirmation page asking you to either complete the test or go back to it.
  • If you are satisfied with your test, you can click on submit button. Make sure you click the submit button as your hark work will be in vain otherwise. 
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