What is Rupay Debit Card?

Rupay Debit Card is Indian version of Master and Visa Card. Both the later brands are from the United States of America and are the mostly used payment gateways in the whole world. Indian government was planning for quite a sometime to launch their own payment gateway in order to make country self sufficient in money transaction. This will remove the over dependency over the foreign payment gateways. So, was born Rupay Debit Card. This is as secured as Master debit card or visa card. In fact is much safer than the two. But the question still remain, why someone want to switch over to this, from existing payment gateways?

Well here are some of the simple reasons:

  1. Since this is a domestic payment gateway, the time required for processing the payment is much lesser than its foreign counterparts.
  2. Foreign counter parts charges more money for each transaction and also for card. Since this is domestic charges are very less. Seriously why we should pay more for something when it can done in lesser charges.
  3. More discounts when you use it as compared to the other payment gateways.
  4. Can we used anywhere in India and at any retail (online or offline).
  5. More secure and reliable.
  6. No blackout period due to global economic restrictions.
  7. It is national, take pride in using one !!!

Now let’s see what are the drawbacks of this Rupay card.

  • Since this is a new payment gateway, it is still yet to get compatibility for the international transaction. Though government is trying hard to make it visible at all the international transactions, but still lot of work to be done to make it work at that level.
  • You might not able to pay for the international transactions like if you are going for shopping in foreign country and paying for something that are on international website like amazon etc.
  • It will take some time for it, at least 1 more years, to be fully functional in the home country as well and be available at all the merchant in the country.

So, this was all about the Rupay Debit Card. Now after reading all the advantages and disadvantages, you can easily make your choice of choosing it or not. It is the fastest growing payment gateway in the country.

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