HDFC Rupay Debit Card Benefits

A debit card is worthless if it is not having benefits attached to it. The reason why Master/Visa cards are so widely used all around the globe is because they offer so many benefits and availability at so many locations to their regular customers.

Rupay is new payment gateway, but is having ample amount of benefits to offer to its users.

Benefit of HDFC Rupay Debit Card

Get upto 5% as cashback of your total transaction made when paying utility bills. So, when you are spending let’s say Rs 1000, then you will get upto Rs 50 as cash back.

You can draw out Rs 25000 in one day from ATM and can spend 1.25 lacs in shopping and online shopping as well.

For buying fuel like Petrol etc, you will have to pay zero surcharges. But a minimum purchase of Rs 300 needs to be made.

As welcome vouchers you will get one coffee free with one coffee at café coffee day. Get Rs 1500 off on selected mobile headsets on Mobile Store.

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At Merchant Discounts, you will get 15% off on the purchase of 300 (minimum) at café coffee day. Rs 25 as cash back when you are booking ticket through IRCTC, with minimum amount of Rs 300.

Rs 2 Lacs insurance on the card holder name. User should have carried out at least one transaction under 30 day’s window period of the accident.

You can do online payment at any of the online merchants. Now online shopping made easy with this card. All the online shopping portals are accepting this payment gateway.

At around 27 international airports, you can get complementary access to lounges by just showing your Rupay card, with a very nominal charge of Rs 2.

There are so many ‘Concierge Facility’ available with this card like flower, restaurants booking, insurance, golf, car rentals, home rentals etc.

You are getting Rs 1 lacs Zero Liability protection for fraudulent point of sale transactions. Not valid for the online payment, Netsafe and ATM. In case of such transactions, you need to call HDFC bank for such transaction. You need to have carried out one transaction using this card in 6 month window of this incident.

These are the benefits that you are getting when you are using Rupay Card from HDFC. So, take advantage of all the benefits offered by HDFC Bank.

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