West Bengal Tourism

West Bengal is another nice destination for spending your holidays. It is among the places that offers so wide and broad scope of visiting places. On the north side, mountain's presence keeps and maintains a colder climate. Southern part of West Bengal offers a serene and fantastic view of the Bay of Bengal. In terms of cuisine, a totally different taste and flavor is experienced by people. Whether it is a sweet or non vegetarian food, this state offers a complete value for money. ‘Durga Puja’ is the most famous festival in West Bengal and being celebrated with great enthusiasm and dedications every year. Kolkata being the capital of West Bengal accounts for around more than 60% of tourist coming to this state. Let’s have a look at the places that are of star attractions.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in West Bengal  (A brief data on top places)


Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and it offers a large of number of tourist places to see. In British era Kolkata was the capital of India but after independence capital was shifted to New Delhi. In terms of food, this is much ahead than any other city and there are around 100 of different varieties of cuisines and sweets. Howrah Bridge on Hooghly River is another piece of structure that was built in British era and still being used on a large scale. If we start counting different places that can be visited in Kolkata, then it will around one day to count.  But Chowringhee, BBD Bagh are some of the famous area that is visited by people in large numbers.

Sunderbans Tiger Reserve

In India, Tigers are found in large numbers in this Reserve. Rs 15 is the entry fees for this reserve. It is situated near the Sunderban Delta and land is very fertile at this place. Mangrove trees are in large numbers and it is a world heritage site under UNESCO. There are various trips organized by the reserve officials and the best time to come is in the month of October and March. Apart from tigers; there are other special species like tortoises that can be spotted at this beautiful land.


Sana Beach is around 180 Km from Kolkata and nice place to spend your evening. At day time due to the presence several fishing boats, this place remains crowded, but in the evening when all the boats drop their anchors, the atmosphere is much more appealing. This beach is very clean and credit goes to the less number of people that are coming to visit here. There are couples of restaurants and guest houses near this beach. You can take a boat if you want to explore the Bay of Bengal.

Sagar Island

Every year the Ganga Sagar Mela is organized at the famous temple of ‘Kapil Muni’. There are several tour packages for two nights available to discover this place. All types of arrangements like restaurants, meals etc. are organized and included in the tour packages.


Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples; and it offers a nice ground for indulging yourself into divine and culture practices. In the 16th and 19th century, this was the capital of ‘Malla Kings’ and this is the reason why medley of Bengali, Islamic and Orissa architecture can be spotted at this place. Jor Bangla, Madan Mohan Temple, the multi-arched Ras Mancha and Shyam Rai Temple are some of the most visited temples here.


Famous novelist Rabindra nath Tagore set up this institution and later it was converted into Visva Bharti University. This experience students from various countries and it is a prestigious University to study.

Murshidabad & Berhampore

Murshidabad is famous for Hazarduari Palace that was built by nawabs of Bengal in the year 1837. It is said that there are 1000 doors in this palace. On the other hand there is a large collection of souvenirs, weapons etc. that were part of royal king empire. Nizamat Imambara, Wasef Manzil, Madina Mosque, Katra Mosque, Nimak Haram Deori and Kathgola Gardens are some of the other sites near to this fort.

Gaur & Pandua

Gaur and Pandua are famous places for Muslim Mosques and tombs. But all of them are in ruin state and partial remains of these structures can be seen. Adina Masjid which is the largest in India is also standing, but the condition of this structure is not that good. There are other structures also, but all of them are not that intact as compared to Adina Mosque.

Siliguri & New Jalpaiguri 

Both these stations serve as a base for tourist moving forwards towards the other states like Sikkim etc. Natural beauty and rest houses are the two things that can be spotted at this place. Since this is a colder region, people generally stop here at night to take shelter and protect themselves from freezing nights.

Jaldhapara Wildlife Sanctuary

This Wildlife sanctuary is famous for its one horned rhinoceros and best chances to spot them is in the month of October and May. If you really want to see them, then Elephant ride is the most favorable one. Other then this specie, deer and tigers can also be spotted. Since this is a well established Sanctuary, all types of amenities like hotel, restaurants, guest houses are present and you can do pre bookings also. If you want your personal vehicles to explore this natural habitat, then person jeeps are also available.


Sumendu Lake defines Mirik and lots of people come for connecting themselves closer to Mother Nature. Although this lake is artificially colored but people enjoy the boat ride and pedal boats. On the other hand tea estates, orange orchards, cardamom plantations are really something to go for. There are couples of monasteries situated next to this lake.


Surrounded by hills and tea plantations, Darjeeling is among the major or you can say premier attractions of West Bengal. The natural scenic beauty accompanied by colder climates attracts people towards itself. From here you can have fantastic views of the Himalayan Mountains and Nepal and Bhutan are not very far from this town. Tiger Hill is a very famous hill point and from here you can have views of snow capped mountains. Tea plantations and Monasteries are some of the other sites of attractions. For sports enthusiasts, white water rafting is very famous and there are several clubs that are offering packages related to these sports. There are facilities for trekking events also. Near to Darjelling a place called as Kalimpong is there and you can have fantastic views of Himalayas from this place.

Tips for Journey

In terms of connectivity, West Bengal is well connected to northern India. There are several types of transportation like trains, Buses and Air etc. available in this state. Since this is a Hilly region, the crowd moves towards this state in large numbers during the month of May and June to beat the heat.  Although there is no scarcity of Hotels and guest houses, but their price shoots up in the festive season. So, prior coming to here, have your rooms booked. Avoid travelling in the monsoon season as a road may get blocked due to landslide. In summers the humidity of this region is a very bad thing and loose clothes are advisable to outside people coming from other states. Try to get a window seat on the bus because it will let you see the natural beauty of this state.

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