Tripura Tourism

Tripura is a northern eastern state of India and shares its borders with the other country known as Bangladesh. Mostly the population in Tripura comprises people who have taken refugee and came from Bangladesh. In terms of cultures, Tripura presents a good and unique feature to its visitors. Mainly domestic visitors are great in numbers, but few foreign visitors can also be seen in Tripura. As Tripura is not a very large state, numbers of places that can be visited are also paltry. Famous festival in Tripura is the ‘Durga Puja’ that is celebrated with great harmony and devotion. But the blend of natural beauty and the ancient royal palaces presents a picturesque view to the visitors. Agartala is the capital of Tripura. Let’s have a look at the various tourist places that are famous in Tripura.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Tripura (A brief data on top places)


The most visited and developed city of Tripura is Agartala and it is also the capital of this beautiful state. As compared to other capital of different states in India, it has very calm and slow life. The population is also not that much and gives its visitors a nice place to explore Tripura.

Ujjayanta Palace

The masterpiece and star attraction of Tripura is situated in the middle of the capital city. It was constructed by the 182th Maharaja of Tripura in the year 1902. Still this magnificent structure is standing tall and the beauty of this fort can be seen from any portion of the city. The beautifully crafted gardens and the delicate work of architecture are impeccable. Only the gardens of this fort or you can say palace is open for the public. But the outside views of this palace itself present a picturesque view.

Temples in Agartala

Near to the Ujjayanta Palace are four famous temples and one of them named as ‘Jagannath temple’ is among the most famous. The whole architecture of Jagannath temple is so immense and delicate that it presents an eye opening view, and yes the crowd that comes here signifies the importance of this temple in the hearts of people who are living in this region. One more temple which is famous here is Chaturdasha Devata Mandir, but it is little far from the Jagannath temple and can be accessed easily.

Tripura Government Museum

This is the most famous Museum in Tripura and you will find all the belonging related to the tribes that once existed or that still exist can be seen in this museum. Apart from the belongings related to the tribes, artifacts belonging to the Maharajas of Tripura can also be seen in this museum.


No, this is not the Udaipur that belongs to the Rajasthan. In Ancient times, Udaipur used to be the capital of Tripura and there are many structures that dates back that time, are still standing here. Couple of temples can also be spotted in this small town. Since this place is desolated, scenic beauty and the calmness are highly commendable and will suit best for those who wants to break the stress out of his or her body.


According to the saying of the people and what is written in the Vedas, The right leg of Sati fell here and this marks the importance of this place. It is visited by pilgrims in large numbers and there are various religious structures that are built around a famous temple. One of them which is most visited by the pilgrims is the ‘Kali Temple’, that was built in the year 1502. This temple is famously called as ‘Tripura Sundari Mandir’. During the famous Hindu festival called as the Diwali, people in large numbers take bath in the ponds that are filled with the fishes and it is considered very auspicious. Many people sacrifice animals as offering to the god here.

Neermahal & Melagarh

These two are the iconic buildings of Tripura and Why! Well the architecture and scenic beauty that surrounds these buildings is surely presents an eye popping experience. The medley of both Hindu and the Islamic architecture can be easily spotted in these buildings, plus the fine work that has been done on these buildings adds more attractions to these ancient stone structures. If you want to visualize the status of these buildings, then imagine the Udaipur fort that is constructed in the middle of the lake. These two buildings are also constructed on an island that lies in the middle of the ‘Rudra Sagar Lake’. And the Rudra Sagar Lake description is given next.

Rudra Sagar

What can be better than having your morning tea or coffee facing a lake that is calm and surrounded by the natural beauty. That's what defines the ‘Sagar Lake’ and being a natural water body, flora and fauna is also a point that make it’s a place to go to. Famous buildings discussed above are also situated here and parts from these there are a couple of tourist lodges made keeping in mind about the scenic beauty of this lake. 

Tips for Journey

In terms of connectivity Tripura is little backward as compared to other states and the reason behind this anomaly is that most of the part of this state is having hill terrain but being small in area, this state has an adequate local transportation.

Since this state shares its borders with the other country known as Bangladesh, sometimes there are some internal tensions in this state, so have a thorough knowledge of conditions that is repealed in this region. But normally the conditions are good and there is no need to panic.

But major cities like Agartala are having all types of modes of transportation. People tend to avoid coming into the season of monsoon because of the problem associated with blocked road due to the landslides but for the water sports enthusiasts this is the ideal time.

Although there is no scarcity of Hotels and guest houses, but their price shoots up in the festive season.

Due to excessive rainfall reported in this area, be ready to face the humidity and prepare prior for same. During the rainy season, it is not advisable to have shoes on your feet, anything which is open are always preferred.

Since connectivity to remote areas is weak, having your own means of transportation is a nice option when coming to these areas.

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