How to fill VITEEE 2021 OMR Application Form

UG Level / Admission at National Level
Conducting Institute:
Common Name: VITEEE Exam

VITEEE has integrated OMR application forms for the students to fill out for successful application to the test. There are certain sets of instructions provided for the prospective student.

  • Always make it a point to submit the application in your own handwriting. Failure to do so could result in discrepancy at a later stage which will be subjected to the discretion of the management.
  • Always make a photocopy of the form, and then use it to practice filling up the OMR sheet. However, since the original application form only, and not a photocopy.
  • Always read the instructions carefully before filling out the application form. Requests for corrections will not be entertained at a later stage. You could refer to the specimen copy that shall be enclosed in the brochure provided for the VITEEE 2021.
  • Always remember that your application will be processed via the machines. So, write the required information in capital letters, and always enter the relevant code with a black ballpoint pen wherever it is to be provided. Provide the appropriate shading of the alphabet or the numerical sample in correspondence to your information by only making use of HB pencil.
  • In case you would like to make corrections, you could simply erase the shaded spot completely, and then make the appropriate change.
  • Do not scribble, put any stray marks of pencil, or create wrinkles in the application form. Always be careful to not write anything or make any marks in the barcode of the application form.
  • Since the application form shall be machine read, make sure that anything that you write on the application form can be legible. So, your photograph, signature as well as your address should be legible enough for the machine to go through. Always placed a good color photograph with a light background, and make sure that it is clicked at least two months earlier.
  • Always make it a point to get rid of discrepancy in your application form. This means that the name of your parents, the date of birth, should be exactly as your certificates indicate in high school or in any other pertinent schooling certificate.
  • There should be no incomplete features left in your application form. This would result in disqualification of your candidature. Also, if the application is filled up in a language other than English, then it would be rejected outright.
  • Always make a note of the 10 digit application number for future reference.
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