VITEEE 2021 Important Instructions

UG Level / Admission at National Level
Conducting Institute:
Common Name: VITEEE Exam

As with any computer-based examination, VITEEE 2021 also has a certain set of rules and instructions that need to be followed. These are not absolute, but if you do follow the instructions, you would be in profit. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • When going for a computer-based test, the candidate should sit in front of the computer, and the questions will be presented on the monitor.
  • With just a click of the mouse, the candidate should submit his or her answer. Prior to submission, you could undertake any amount of calculation that you need to do in order to arrive at your answer.
  • The computer will be connected to the server; it will be able to deliver an encrypted test in real-time through the help of a secure and reliable connection channel.
  • Since this is a computer-based examination, it is assumed that the candidate has some sort of familiarity with the use of the computer, and the likes of a keyboard and a mouse.
  • It is not the liability of VITEEE to provide any kind of familiarity to the candidate about computers. It is something that needs to be done on the sole responsibility of the candidate. There would be no contention in providing refunds or taking an examination on a later date if the candidate does not have any prior knowledge of using a computer.
  • All examinations shall be held with the English language taken into consideration. There would be no departure from this trend.
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