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Country: India
Upcoming Indian Army Day is on 15 January 2025 (Wednesday)

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Army is one of the most integral parts of any country. They not only handle the security issue of a country but they also make sure that during any disaster they help others in rescuing people from that area. The Indian Army is one of the strongest army in the world. It is respected by many countries and has instilled a sense of fear among the terrorist those who try to invade the borders of the country by crossing the Line of Control. The Indian army continues to operate in the atmosphere which is not made for humans to survive. Shia chin a place in the Himalayas records a temperature of -40 degrees during winter, while in the deserts of Rajasthan the summer temperature are recorded up to 50 degrees. The Indian army in this in human conditions keep on serving the country at the borders day in and day out.

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Indian Army day is celebrated on 15th January each year.

After India got independence from the English rule on 15th August 1947, Lieutenant General K M Cariappa the 15th lieutenant of Indian army became the first Indian Commander in chief on 15th January 1948. Thus this day every year since then is celebrated as the Indian Army Day. On this day all the serving officers in the Indian Army take oath for protecting their country from all types of danger and to take them out of the disaster situations. It is a day when the soldiers pay their respect to the ones those who died while fighting for the country.

The day starts with paying respect to the “Amar Jawan Jyoti” situated at India gate, Delhi, which is a symbol of bravery for the soldiers, those who lost life during war time. On the morning the army chief offers a flower garland in respect of the dead soldiers. After paying respect to the dead soldiers the army organises beautiful parade. Army wings from all over the country take part in the parade dressed up in their uniforms. As the parade is done with there is a military show that is executed by the army for the spectators. In this show the spectators go through the various technological changes that the army has gone through. All the tanks, missiles and other ammunition are displayed to the people of India.

One of the most striking feature of the army day parade is the army band. The Bands proudly play some famous hindi songs while the whole army keeps on marching own the track. Apart from the parade and the military show this day has its own importance. On this day every army men is awarded for his services and bravery. Special awards are distributed to the soldiers who have performed extra ordinarily in tough times. It is a moment of pride for both the soldier as well as his family that he gets on this day. India proudly celebrated this day as the army day and recently on January 15th, 2014, India celebrated its 66th Army day.

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