Civil Services Day

Country: India
Upcoming Civil Services Day is on 21 April 2025 (Monday)

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Indian Civil Services is one of the most integral parts of the nation. The ministers of the country appointed by the people of India administer the work and progress of the nation. It is not possible for some handful of people selected by the people is not enough to carry out the work in a country as big as that of India. To execute the rules and administer there are people who enter the civil service officers. The people of India enter in the civil services with the help of crossing a tough entrance examination and a series of interview.

These civil servants work up under the president of India and administer the work for the betterment of the country at the executive level. The constitution of India with the help of article 311 gives these civil servants have the pleasure to serve under the President of India. This article protects the civil servants from the politics of India. They are the employees of Government of India and they can never be motivated or influenced by the political parties governing the country at that moment.

Civil Services Day India Date  - When it is Celebrated?

Currently the Indian Government follows the same pattern that of British government civil services. The civil services officers together form one of the most important unit of the country who work together to form a better country and run it easily. So to celebrate the success of the important work every year the Indian Government celebrates the Indian Civil services day on 21st April. On this day all the civil servants meet together and celebrate their success in administering the country. On this day the civil servants re-commit themselves to working for the country once again.

This day the civil servants are awarded for their services for the nation. The Prime Minister award for Excellence in Public Administration is awarded to every civil servant. The award is given in three different categories. These categories are based on individual, group or organisation performances in the public sector. The award includes 1 lakh cash prize including a medal for the individual performers. The cash prize increases for the group award with a minimum of 5 lakh cash prize and maximum of 1 lakh of cash prize per person. The prize for the organisation is maximum 5 lakh rupees only.

In the year 2012 the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh opened the 7th Indian Civil service day. In the year 2014 the country celebrated its 9th civil services day. In 2015, India will celebrate its 10th Civil services day.

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