Christmas - When is Christmas Day?

Christmas is the festival which is dedicated to Birth celebrations of Jesus Christ in Christian religion. On this very day, it is said as per the legends that Lord Christ came to the earth in human form and from that very day; celebrations are carried out all over the world.

Christmas History

As per the legends, Jesus Christ was born in the city of Bethlehem which is in Judea.  As the story goes, Mary and Joseph were going to the city of Bethlehem from Nazareth. As marry was expecting a child, she gave birth to Lord Jesus and soon after birth angles told her that, he will be the savior of the mankind. Shepherd came to adore the Jesus Christ birth. But soon they moved to the different city because the king of that place ordered that all the children below the age of two should be killed. But celebrations during these times were reported in various places well before the birth as to enjoy the winters. As per legends, people used to celebrate in this period of winters and after the birth of Jesus Christ, celebrations became more specific and more grand. But over the years and as the time passed there were lot of new things that were added.

As per history, Jesus Christ is considered as the second Adam and as per the saying, he was sent by god to rectify the problems that were caused by the first Adam. In Eastern Orthodox Church it is seen that, forty days that leads to the Christmas they fast in these days. Catholic Church observe season of spiritual cleansing in four Sundays before the Christmas. There are other named by which people call Christmas and they are Noel, Nativity, Xmas.

Date of Christmas : When is Christmas?

The Christmas date is decided as per the Julian calendar and some of the churches follow the older Julian calendar. But in several part of the world those who follow the Georgian Calendar dates are different. Eastern Orthodox Churches mainly uses the revised Julian calendar, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Antioch are some of the countries that follow it.

On the other hand, other Easter Orthodox churches like Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Macedonia they used the same old Julian calendar. But these types of churches follow the same date as 25th December. The revised Julian calendar was adopted in the 20th Century.

Christmas Celebrations

Since this is the one and only major festival in the Christian Religion, people have celebration as grand as possible. Over the past 2-3 centuries due to the globalization, celebrations have taken new heights and also added more charm in to it. Since Christmas falls in the winter season, it is a perfect time to celebrate and just after it, New Year is there.

First people go to the church in the morning to offer their prayers. New cloths are worn by the people on this occasion. As this is the festival times, people decorate their homes with all sorts of lights, decorating material. Since this comes in the winter season, those places where snow fall is reported, people had a lantern hung front of door which produces a good lightening effect.

In various churches this is traditions to light a major candle in middle, front of the Jesus Christ idol. As seen, there are three major colors that constitute the decoration of Christmas which are red, green and gold. Christmas tree is of major importance and contributes to the major part of the decorations.

Food which include turkey, wine, chocolates, cookies etc are major on this celebration. But food is not limited to it only; there are other things in food that are made on this occasion. Usually people visit each other house to celebrate Christmas together. Gifts are exchanged in large during this occasion. Cake of various varieties can be seen in large numbers. Desserts are also important part and they are so many variants of it that are made at home or bought from market.

Music and carols are also integral part of this festival and lots of competitions that are held in school have children singing various carols. Also an elder person tends to sing the famous carols and they organize lots of competitions on this occasion. But it is not limited to singing only; there are so many games like musical chair, cards that are part of this grand fun.

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