Onam Festival

Onam is famous festival in Kerala state of India and marks the arrival of king Mahabli and the harvest of new crops.

Onam Date: When is Onam 2020 Festival? 

Onam festival will be celebrated on 31 August (Monday).

Significance behind the Onam festival

The historic events that led to this day are discussed in this part. It is said that once a famous king named as the Mahabli used to rule on the earth. He was true follower of lord Vishnu and was a good king too. Being so good in nature, people of his kingdom were very happy with him and he was too popular on the earth.

The gaining popularity of him was a subject of concern for god Indra. Also one shortcoming that King Mahabali had was he was too egoistic. All the god went to the Lord Vishnu to find out the way in order to curb the popularity of the Mahabali because world cannot have two Indra and if it does, then it will create an imbalance in the world.

So Vishnu changed into Vaman, a dwarf size person. Then he visited King Mahabli and asked him for land that he could cover by his feet in three walks. Seeing that a small dwarf won’t cover an appreciable land, king ordered to give the land. But then Lord Vishnu grew his size to indispensable amount and one foot itself could cover the distance between heaven and Earth and back forth. Mahabali seeing that he could not be able to hold back his promise offered his head to lord Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu relieved him out of his life.

But since he was the ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, he was given the boon that he will replace the god Indra in the next Yuga and can visit his kingdom every year. So, the annual visit of the King Mahabli to visit his kingdom is celebrated as the Onam festival. It is said that lord Vishnu will work as the gatekeeper and King Mahabli will rule the kingdom.

How Onam Festival is Celebrated?

Onam is indeed a very special event and state wise festival celebrated with great joy, energy and enthusiasm. Since during this time the harvest new crops take place, people tend to make new dishes out of the new crop. On the other, this new harvest is also given to the god as their offerings.

Since this festival last for around 10 days continuous, all these 10 days are considered auspicious and celebrated with great joy and happiness. Decorating and making different with the help of the flowers is a regular event these days. Rangoli is also another major event done and in it people make beautiful figures with the help of the colors in the ground.

Atham, Chithira, Chodhi, Visakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradam and Thiruvonam are the names of the day from 1st day to 10th day in the Onam festival. On the very first day of the Onam, People make the flower carpet called as the ‘Pookalam’.

The most importance part of this festival is called as the Thiruvonam. On this day the Pookalam is designed in a massive manner with more different colors. On the other hand, people clean their house and wear new cloths during this day and indulge themselves in the worship of the god.

In the afternoon, a big feast is organized and in this feast, people tends to eat different dishes that are home made. Snake boat race is another major festival that is worth watching and numerous amounts of other sports events are organized in these 10 days.

Onam Date: When is Onam 2020 Festival? 

Onam festival will be celebrated on 31 August (Monday).

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