Religion: Christian
Country: India
Upcoming Easter is on 20 April 2025 (Sunday)

Days Remaining in Easter 2025

Unlike Christmas which is celebrated on the 25th December every year, the date of Easter keeps on changing. It is always celebrated on Sunday, after the full moon on the first day of spring. But it various depending on the seasons, and the calendar that you are following. For example the western countries follow the Georgian calendar and eastern countries follow the Julian calendar.

How People Celebrate Easter

Egg giving is a very famous custom during the Easter time. It is said that it denotes symbol of Jesus' resurrection, and generally chicks hatches in the spring period, symbolizing a birth of new life. But over the years the natural eggs have been replaced by sweet or chocolate eggs and it is very much popular among the children’s. Rabbits have been closely related with Easter and they symbolize the fertility and rebirth. Parents hide eggs in the gardens and tell their children to search for the nests. It is said that Easter Bunny drops eggs for the children, this idea was started by German immigrants in the 1700 A.D. Apart from these, special cuisines like bunnies, cookies, muffins etc are made at home to celebrate Easter.

Story behind Easter

When Jesus visited the Jerusalem city to celebrate Passover, some priests planned to kill Jesus. This was so because they were unhappy that people like an ordinary and simple man more than them. One of the disciples of Jesus named as ‘Judas Iscariot’ was approached by priest in secret and told him that they will give him money, but in return he has to betray Jesus. On the very next day when Jesus was roaming in the gardens of Gethsemane, priest sent men with swords to arrest Jesus. Due to fear Disciples ran away, and this was already predicted by Jesus and told his disciples about it when they were about to come to the Jerusalem city, but the disciples denied that they will do it. After that Jesus was brought in front of Pontius Pilate (Governor), by the soldiers. Pontius Pilate wanted Jesus to be freed because he didn't find anything wrong with Jesus. But the priests that wanted him dead ordered soldiers to kill him. Then, Soldiers placed a crown of thrones on the head of Jesus and also put a big log of wood, tying his both backward to it. Jesus was made to carry heavy log wood from the city to the hill (Where he was supposed to crucified). On the way some people wept in tears, while some shouted to kill him. Jesus was laid back on a cross and nails were put through his head, feat and hands, Jesus died. There were two robbers also, and they too were crucified with Jesus Christ.

Jesus mother and friends took permission from the Pontius Pilate to take Jesus down from the cross. Then, they laid the body of Jesus on a rock and sealed the tomb with a big stone. Mary Magdalen, a friend of Jesus, visited the tomb two after the Jesus was crucified and was surprise to see, stone being removed and the body of Jesus was not there. Mary met with a Gardner and asked him if he knows where the body of Jesus was taken, and he replied it is ‘I Mary’. Mary told his friends about meeting Jesus but nobody accepted her sayings, but slowly as Jesus came in front of his disciples in many forms, they started believing her. He told them to spread the word of god to every place in the world. The coming of Jesus again in to life marks the celebrations of Easter.

Easter in Upcoming Year

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