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  • Hindi

Begursarai is an old-fashioned and left behind with the time place in the Bihar. This show depicts this place to be bastion of a man named as Phulan Thakur. He is above all the people in this place, well above the administration as well. Begusarai is a place where regular bloodshed is common to be seen and to maintain their stature; people carry arms like nowhere else. For them firing arms is like firing crackers and to the man, with no guilt.

The whole show revolves around the family Phulan Thakur and his work. Being rich and powerful, he is respected all over the family and every decision is done by him, no matter whether it is good or bad. The typical conspiracy against each other with a goon type ambiance all over the place is well shown here.

Those who want to see the typical rural life of Indian country side and how events unfold there will find this show interesting. Those who see power and politics with a great interest will also like it.