Killerr Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah
Channel Name
  • Hindi

Killerr karaoke atka toh latkah is a Singing cum, comedy show, with a totally different concept to watch for. Random contestants have to perform in front of the live audio. It does not matter how good you sing, what matter is that how long you will be able to sing. That being said, you have to keep on singing despite of so many distractions that are imposed upon on you. Unexpected twists that come across the contestants make this show full on entertainment.

The show is fun being hosted by the two funny hosts, Krishna and Abhishek. Since this is a light hearted program, you will enjoy every bit of it. This is totally different approach by the maker and to combine karoke with fun actually worth showing here. This is a daily dose of laughter for you, and will not want to miss this one for even one day!