The Voice of India
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  • Hindi

Voice of India is an Indian singing realty show. This show is judged by four famous people from the music industry i.e. Shaan, Mika, Himesh and Sunidhi Chauhan. This show is with a different concept, where judges don’t see the contestant, and only after they sing and finish their performance they see them. After that, if they want that contestant in to their team, they will persuade them. They press the ‘I want you’, button if they want that contestant in their team.

Contestant is free to choose their mentors. After they are selected, that contestant will be trained by the judges and groom up their singing skills. Since there are four judges in this show, there will be four teams.

Because of the different concept this show has, it is getting lot of popularity. But unlike other singing shows, here the auditions are limited to few people and contestants are more groomed up already as compared to other shows.