Razia Sultan
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  • Hindi

Razia Sultan is a historical TV serial based on the real life of Razia Sultan, the first woman sultan of India. Razia Sultan was the daughter of Shams-ud-din Illtumish, rule of Delhi that time. In this show the whole family of Razia Sultan was assassinated one day, she was the only who left alive.

In the further progress of the show, how Razia Sultan will show her metal in the kingdom and rise up to unify the Mamluk and the whole Illtumish Empire. Being a woman, for her the journey to the king position was not so easy. Although her rule was for a brief period, but the way she ruled and unified the whole empire after the demise of her father is still considered greatest in the Indian history. Those who are interested in the historical matters and want to learn about how life was then, that type of crowd will like this show a lot.