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A show which is based on the day today life of an Indian family. This show is about two families with high traditional values. Serial displays the ambiance of Madhya Pradesh state of India to which these two families belong to. One family called as ‘Prajapatis’, and among the richest family people in the town and have very good hand in business. The decision maker in the family is the ‘Bhabhi Maa’. Ayushmaan is the son of this family.

On the other hand, another family named as ‘Shuklas’, are upper middle class people and have a well settled business of gems and stones. This serial shows the events that unfold that led to both families getting agreed on marrying Bhoomi and Ayushmaan together. Bhoomi is the daughter of Shukla family and was given all the traditional values and better education.

But somehow, their families come to know that both were in love already, well before the marriage. Show revolves around the two of these and events that are unfolding in their lives every day.