Amul The Taste Of India
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  • Hindi

Those who are enthusiasts of making food or eating it, then television serial is just the right choice for them. India’s two famous chefs Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar, will make something every time that is mouth watering. In this show, they will make everything from different part of the country. So, you will find a dish from Tamil Nadu being taught and made in front of you or something from Goa.

The two chefs in their sober language and with their neck of cooking will teach you how to make something out of nothing. And these are something that you can make at home, and not the ones that you can’t make at home. To all the foodies out there, this is must watch show for them. The way they teach will make you to make this stuff at home. The show is sponsored by the Amul.