Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls
Channel Name
  • Hindi

Another daily soap being telecasted on the ANDTV which is part of the Z network. Serial is all about five sisters that belong to the thakur family (obviously lives in Delhi, that is why the name). Their day today event that unfolds which is a mix of both comedy and serious events, their unfolding and how they tackle to those situations acted upon on them, is what showcased here.

Show depicts typical Indian House with several siblings living together. How their father and mother acts on when something related to their marriage comes. All of them have a quirky nature but yet they live together with each other as one strong bond.
For those who are interested in watching how an event unfolds in an Indian family when lots of siblings are there, then this is channel for them. Lots of comedy and some seriousness fill the whole show.