The Hundred Bucks

In Theatres 21-02-2020

Debutant director Dushyant Pratap Singh is all set to mark his presence in Bollywood this year with his upcoming movie “The Hundred Bucks”. Produced under the joint banner of Reel motion pictures and Dushyant Corporation, the film tells the story of a prostitute, how she found her customers one night and got cheated by them. The film stars Kavita Tripathi, who is making her debut as an actress and Dinesh Bawra, the actor and humorous poet, in the lead roles. Rajesh Sharma, Jaid Sheikh as well as Nisha Gupta are other star casts in the movie. The story is written by the famous Vishnupriya Singh, writer of “The last Laugh of Leela”. “The Hundred Bucks” will hit the Indian theatres on 21st February 2020.

The story of the movie mainly focuses on Mohini, the protagonist (played by Kavita Tripathi) who is a call girl and his friend Abdul an auto driver. The film starts with both of them setting out to rope in a lucrative customer in Abdul’s auto. Little did they know that they would not only be cheated but the whole process would drag them to a dark abyss. Mohini manages to find a customer but all she got form him was a meager sum of 100 bucks. Not only that, on that very night, both Abdul and Mohini got embroiled into the darker side of the underworld which seemed to be much more dangerous than their daily struggles o make both ends meet.

M.Salim, of “Dongrika Raja”-fame has penned down the screenplay for this movie. Rajnish Ram Puri, Sandeep Puri, Vibhav Tomar, Dr. Pratima Totla, Dr. Ritu Singh have jointly produced the movie. The music composers are Santokh Singh, Indrani Bhattacharya and Dushyant Singh himself. The 2 songs in the movie , “Monalisa “ and “Mumbai Meri Jaan” are sung by the music composers themselves along with the supremely talented Usha Uthup. The film is distributed by Manoj Nandwana.



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