Raksha Bandhan

Generally Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on Full Moon Day of the Hindu month of Shravan. Next Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 3rd August, 2020.

Raksha Bandhan Date : When is Raksha Bandhan?

There are various stories related to the Raksha Bandhan, but the most talked about it is the one that discusses role of Indrani, the wife of lord Indra in saving him. It is said, that once when demons and gods were fighting, demons were over powering gods. Seeing this, wife of Indra, started praying god for well being of his husband and other gods. In order to do so, she made a talisman and wrapped a thread around the hand of Indra.

One another famous story regarding the Raksha Bandhan is that, Queen of Chittor sent, Rakhi to Humayun to save here kingdom from the attack of Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.

So there are several stories but the main thing is that, it is a festival in which a sister ties a thread or Rakhi to the brother wrist hoping for a long life of his brother. On the other hand, brother appreciates this by giving gifts to his sister. And it is said that, the first friend of any person in this world is his sister or brother.

How People Celebrate Raksha Bandhan on this day

It is a day of joy and happiness. Brother and sister who are living apart visit each other house to carry out the ceremony of Raksha Bandhan. Apart from that, people visit restaurants and other social places to celebrate this festival. Chocolates, sweets, gifts are exchanged in large numbers during this day. Generally this festival is celebrated in north Indian only, but slowly the importance and the purpose behind this festival is attracting more crowds.

Over the year, the way this festival is celebrated has changed a lot and now it is more joyful then earlier and Raksha Bandhan is another occasion that makes brother and sister to share their love, trust and friendliness towards each other. And the whole relationship between a sister and a brother is kept above all relationship.

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